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Do you deliver products or services that power entrepreneurs and enterprises to do what they do best?
Prove it to the world by being named a true Inc. Power Partner!

Businesses need businesses to succeed. They need partners: specialists who provide secure e-commerce infrastructure, HROs that understand compliance for a distributed workforce, and cloud and SaaS pros who can facilitate CRM, handle marketing automation, back up data, keep global teams communicating and otherwise step in to do the work that allows their clients to lean into their own expertise. This new recognition program establishes a seal of approval for the companies—from SMBs to full-scale enterprises—that other companies rely on to level up.

What the Inc. 5000 does for fast-growth businesses, Inc. Power Partners 
will do for B2B providers—validate and thereby bring recognition and opportunity to the partners that power businesses to reach new heights. 

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Why Apply?

Let Inc. demonstrate to the world that your company is devoted to providing entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to start, run, and grow their businesses. Here’s what to expect if your company makes this year’s list:

Worldwide Recognition

Business owners across the U.S. and the world will know that your company is a true B2B partner and worthy of building a meaningful relationship with.

Visibility and Media Exposure

Be featured in the November 2022 issue of Inc. magazine, get a dedicated company profile on Inc.com, and receive national and local coverage from the likes of Yahoo! Finance and Businesswire.

Seal of Approval

You’ll receive the Inc. seal of approval that your firm has an impressive track record of helping entrepreneurs and SMB owners.

New Clients

Inc.’s validation will help you land new clients to continue growing your business.

Be proud of the business you’ve created. Take a few minutes to apply and let Inc. magazine declare your company one of the best B2B partners.


Apply Now Final Deadline: July 22, 2022 ($895)


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Every application will be reviewed directly by Inc. editors. You may apply to as many of the below categories as fit your company, creating multiple opportunities for recognition in Inc. magazine and on Inc.com. Multiple honorees will be named in each category.


Industry Categories

Advertising & Marketing

Public relations firms, marketing companies, ad agencies, and companies that provide the creative ideas and/or technologies advancing entrepreneurs in their efforts of persuasion

Business Products and Services

Businesses that provide products and services exclusively to other businesses

Cloud Computing

Companies that deliver services through the internet, including data storage, servers, databases, networking, and software

Communication Platforms

Companies that use a cloud-based delivery model that allows organizations to add real-time communications capabilities such as voice, video and messaging to business applications by deploying application program interfaces (APIs)

Construction & Engineering

Companies that put up buildings, normally as contractors, or provide engineering services for their business-owner clients

Content Management Systems

Companies that provide software as a service that allows users to create, edit, and manage content on a website without technical expertise

Crypto & Blockchain

Companies that help other companies incorporate crypto or blockchain technology

Customer Relationship Management

Companies that deliver software as a service that helps companies manage customer data, track customer interactions, compile business information, automate sales, and provide traditional customer service


Companies that provide software as a service and/or hardware allowing companies to receive digital payments from their customers

Enterprise Relationship Management

Companies that deliver software as a service that integrates various functions into one complete system to improve efficiency and empower information sharing

Financial Services

Companies that provide banking, credit cards, fintech, accounting, payroll, and other services to small-business owners

General Excellence

Open to all companies, in any industry, that help business owners start, run, or grow their businesses

Health & Wellness

Companies that provide health and wellness products or services to help entrepreneurs promote a healthy and productive lifestyle for their businesses

Human Resources

Companies that provide HR services to entrepreneurs including staffing, benefits management, recruitment management, DEI consulting, and more


Companies that provide some measure of protection or guarantee against financial loss

IT Management and Systems

Companies that manage a business owners software or hardware or that create processes for information technology


Companies that provide legal services, including IP, business registration, and more

Logistics and Transportation

Companies that move products and people for businesses


Companies that make both intermediate and finished goods for sale to businesses

Metaverse and Web3

Businesses that provide products and services exclusively to other businesses

Privacy and Security

Companies that provide physical and cyber security products and services to other businesses


Companies that provide services, software, or apps to optimize efficiency in the workplace

Project Management Software

Companies that create, sell, or deploy software for project planning, scheduling, and resource allocation

Real Estate & Proptech

Real estate developers, brokers, and companies that provide real estate technology to businesses

Software Development

Companies that create software of any kind for other businesses

Travel and Hospitality

Travel agencies, tour operators, and other companies that help facilitate travel for other businesses


Apply Now Final Deadline: July 22, 2022 ($895)



Open to companies of all sizes and types, in all industries and locations. Public, private, non-profit, subsidiary, U.S.-based and international companies are all encouraged to apply.

Please email our team with any questions at PowerPartners@inc.com.


How It Works

1. Complete Your Short Application: Complete the short application here by filling in basic information about your company and selecting the categories you’d like to apply for.

Final Deadline: July 22, 2022 ($895)

2. Send a Survey to Your Best Partners: Inc. will provide you with a survey template and individual link for you to send out to your best customers. This survey will contain three very simple questions asking how likely your customer is to recommend your product or service. Inc. will score these results and combine that with our own research to create a list of winners. 

3. Watch for Our Announcement of the 2022 Inc. Power Partner: The list goes live on Inc.com in mid-October 2022 and will be featured in the November print issue of Inc. magazine. Whether or not you make the list, you will be notified via email in September, before it is released to the general public.


Apply Now Final Deadline: July 22, 2022 ($895)


For full application details see our FAQs here.

Questions? Email Inc. at PowerPartners@inc.com.