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Do you provide the products or services that power entrepreneurs and enterprises to accelerate their success?Let Inc. tell the world today!

Businesses need businesses to succeed. Whether yours provides software-as-a-service or customer service, office supplies, or supply chain logistics, this is your chance to earn Inc.’s coveted B2B seal of approval. Specialists like you allow other companies to focus on what they do best. The very top tier of these specialists rank on Inc.’s Power Partner Awards list.

What the Inc. 5000 does for fast-growth companies, Inc.’s Power Partner Awards does for B2B providers—lifts them up and brings recognition and opportunity. The program is open to public or private B2B companies of any size, based anywhere around the globe.

So if you’re proud of your track record of helping other firms level up, and can provide a few customer references, then let Inc. name you a true Power Partner! 

You can sign up for Power Partner notifications here.

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Why Apply

Let Inc. show the world that your company is devoted to providing entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to start, run, and grow their business. Here’s what to expect if your company makes this year’s list:

Worldwide Recognition

Business owners across the U.S. and the world will know that your company is a true B2B partner and worthy of building a meaningful relationship with. 

Visibility & Media Exposure

All honorees will be featured in the November issue of Inc. magazine and receive a custom profile page with your firm’s listing on Inc.com.

Seal of Approval

You’ll receive the Inc. seal of approval that your firm has an impressive track record of helping entrepreneurs and owners of small to medium-size businesses.

New Clients

Inc.’s validation will help you land new clients to continue growing your business.

Be proud of the business you’ve created. Take a few minutes to apply and let Inc. magazine declare your company one of the best to partner with.

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Every application will be reviewed directly by Inc. editors. You may apply to as many of the below categories as fit your company, creating multiple opportunities for recognition in Inc. magazine and on Inc.com. Multiple honorees will be named in each category.


Power Partner Categories

General Excellence

Open to all companies, in any industry, that help business owners start, run, or grow their businesses.

Best Power Partner United States

Companies based in the United States that have exceptionally empowered their partners to start, run, and grow their businesses at all levels

Advertising & Marketing

Marketing companies, ad agencies, and creative firms that provide the campaigns, ideas, and/or technologies that enable independent companies to market, brand, promote, and sell products and services. 

Best International Power Partner

Companies based outside the U.S. that are power partners to local businesses, or have helped companies source, distribute, sell, market, and build internationally.

Artificial Intelligence & Data

Companies developing and selling machine learning models and data analysis solutions for use by other companies.

Business Products & Services

Businesses that provide products and services exclusively to other businesses.

Cloud Computing/SaaS

Companies that deliver services through the internet, including data storage, servers, databases, networking, and software.

Communication Platforms

Companies that support SMBs with easy-to-use and scalable telecom and communications capabilities such as voice, video, and messaging to business applications.

Construction & Engineering

Companies that put up buildings, normally as contractors, or provide engineering services for their business-owner clients.

Content Management Systems

Companies that provide software as a service that allows users to create, edit, and manage content on a website without technical expertise.

Crypto & Blockchain

Companies that help other companies incorporate crypto or blockchain technology.

Customer Relationship Management

Companies that deliver software as a service that helps companies manage customer data, track customer interactions, compile business information, automate sales, and provide traditional customer service.


Companies that provide software as a service and/or hardware allowing companies to receive digital payments from their customers.

Economic Development

Organizations that provide support and services to help local companies and industries grow, and promote job creation and business development and expansion in home communities.


Companies that are responsible for producing, organizing, and executing on events, conferences, and all other in-person experiences.

Financial Services

Companies that provide banking, credit cards, fintech, accounting, payroll, and other services to small-business owners.

Health & Wellness

Companies that provide health and wellness products or services to help entrepreneurs promote a healthy and productive lifestyle for their businesses.

Human Resources

Companies that provide HR services to entrepreneurs including staffing, benefits management, recruitment management, DEI consulting, and more.


Companies that provide some measure of protection or guarantee against financial loss.

IT Management & Systems

Companies that manage a business owner's software or hardware or that create processes for information technology.


Companies that provide legal services, including IP, business registration, and more.

Logistics & Transportation

Companies that move products and people for businesses.


Companies that make both intermediate and finished goods for sale to businesses.

Office Space

Companies that provide office design and furnishing services, building/office maintenance services, coworking spaces, and workplace equipment.

Outsourcing Solutions

Companies that aid other companies with outsourced remote workers/labor.

Privacy & Security

Companies that provide physical and cyber security products and services to other businesses.


Companies that provide services, software, or apps to optimize efficiency in the workplace.

Project Management Software

Companies that create, sell, or deploy software for project planning, scheduling, and resource allocation.

Public Relations

Firms that create and maintain a positive public image for the individuals, groups, or organizations they represent.

Real Estate & Proptech

Real estate developers, brokers, and companies that provide real estate technology to businesses.

Software Development

Companies that create software of any kind for other businesses.

Travel & Hospitality

Travel agencies, tour operators, and other companies that help facilitate travel for other businesses.

Small and Mighty Companies (1–49 employees)

Small businesses that thrive at powering other businesses, often without the resources of their larger peers or competitors. These are the companies that have done the most with the least.

Medium-Size Companies (50–99 employees)

Mid-size companies that have started growing in size but haven’t let that growth distract from their top priority of addressing the unique needs of other businesses.

Large Companies (100–499 employees)

Large businesses that have significantly grown in size while never losing their focus on serving the best products and services to other businesses.

Enterprise (500+ employees)

Recognizes enterprise businesses that have significantly grown in size while never losing their focus of serving the best products and services to other businesses.



Open to companies of all sizes and types, in all industries and locations, including government-funded agencies. Public, private, non-profit, subsidiary, U.S.-based, and international companies are all encouraged to apply.

Please email our team with any questions at PowerPartners@inc.com.


How It Works

1. Complete Your Short Application: Complete the short application here by filling in basic information about your company and selecting the categories you’d like to apply for.
 Final Deadline: July 12 (Fee: $995)

2. Provide Customer References: In the application, you'll provide Inc. with at least three, and up to ten, companies that have used your products or services over the past year. Inc. will send a survey containing four straightforward questions asking how likely your customer is to recommend your product or service. Inc. will score these results and combine them with our own research to produce a list of hundreds of winners. See our full methodology here.

Note: Past honorees may renew their Inc. Power Partner seal of approval each year by providing recent customer references who have used your products or services over the past 12 months. 

3. Watch for Our Announcement of the 2024 Inc. Power Partners: The list goes live on Inc.com in late-October 2024 and will be featured in the November print issue of Inc. magazine. Whether or not you make the list, you will be notified via email in September, before it is released to the general public.


Apply Now

Final Deadline: July 12 ($995 fee)


For full application details see our FAQs here.

Questions? Email Inc. at PowerPartners@inc.com.